Complaints & Whistleblowing

Any non-compliance, malpractice, fraud, unfair actions, or any other behavior that damage the reputation and image of Monarch should be reported. 

Whistleblowing Policy

Complaint Reporting Channels

Confidentiality of Whistleblowing

Monarch exercises strict confidentiality for the information of whistleblowers, and will carry out severe punishment on anyone (including personnel of the Audit & Supervision Department) who disclose such information.


Audit & Supervision Department


Priority of verified persons

Monarch supports whistleblowing done by verified persons, however, does not reject anonymous reporting. Verified-person reporting will be given priority and will be informed of the handling process and results. Anonymous persons wont receive any reply. 

This hotline is for complaints for malpractice only. For questions concerning products or services, please call 400-111-9001. 


Upon confirmation, we will keep whistleblowers’ identity confidential and offer material rewards, no matter whether they are internal or external personnel, according to their cooperation and the nature and impact of the reported incidents. 

Office of the President

Punishment on Retaliation

Reported departments or personnel shall not retaliate against the investigating personnel or suspected whistleblowers, or they will be severely disciplined by Monarch.