Proficiency in Design | Monarch Wins the Kapok Design Awards China!

Posted (Date, Time): 2020-12-25-11-12-48

The results of the 2020 Kapok Design Awards China were recently announced at the Guangzhou Design Week. As the initiator of the Guangzhou Design Week, Kapok Design Awards China is devoted to creating new design philosophies and a smarter life in the new age.


In this critical year when China is progressing from “Made in China” to “Created in China,” Kapok—the most influential design award in Chinaput greater focus on “improving people’s living quality” and this time made “design-driven industrial upgrades” its core evaluation criterion, highlighting the most outstanding annual design works and showing the strength of Chinese design through high-standard exhibitions.

Committed to a “people-centric” design philosophy, the Degas Bathroom Cabinet displayed Monarch’s ultimate pursuit of quality design from its appearance to its construction with an attitude bent on innovation. Naturally, it stood out among other works in the contest to win the Product Design Award.


As a recognized national brand in China, Monarch has had innovation written into its DNA since its establishment. And the Degas Bathroom Cabinet in particular is one of its higher-end products that combines ingenious and elaborate craftmanship and improves the multi-dimensional user experience in both function and aesthetics. 


Empowered by Monarch’s brand-new exclusive technology, the Degas Bathroom Cabinet has an ultra-lightweight sink with a modern feel that consists of seamlessly spliced black and white acrylic sheets.


The rounded-off breakwater design at the edges reveals a smooth outline, while preventing water from spilling over. The generous storage space and refined design elements give users a feeling of comfort. A design philosophy that combines technology with care for people makes this cabinet not only a practical storage tool, but also a reminder of a user’s high-quality life.


In keeping with Monarch’s meticulous attention to detail, the Degas Bathroom Cabinet reflects a people-centric design attitude that connects with consumers through better understanding its users’ needs.

Based on this development principle, Monarch recruited excellent designers at home and abroad and established the Monarch Industrial Design Center to develop the highest quality products in appearance, function, and comfort, and to create spaces that can improve life for all. It represents the highest standard of design, technology, and production in the field of bathroom installations, maintaining its value for aesthetics, culture, creation, and application.

Monarch plans to keep innovating toward the eventual goal of being “Created in China,” thereby advancing China’s bathroom industry, creating a better life for people, and fulfilling its brand proposition: “Artful Design, Powered by Technology.”

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