Bathroom Research Institute

Bathroom Research Institute

Artful Design, cutting Edge Technology

Artful Design, Powered by Technology

Monarch is an enterprise devoted to producing high-quality sanitary ware. Established in 1994, it has built a respected and positive reputation both at home and abroad. It produces quality products for the complete bathroom, including cabinetry, toilets, bathtubs, shower equipment, shower rooms, sinks, and faucets. In 2016, Monarch was listed in the A-share market (under the stock abbreviation: D&O Home Collection; code: 002798), and establishedMonarch was officially renamed D&O Home Collection Group Co.,LTD. together with the popular domestic ceramic enterprise Oceano, thus entering the pan-home furniture market. With the brand concept “Artful Design, Powered by Technology,” Monarch’s R&D philosophy combines people-centered design with cutting edge technology to create high-quality bathrooms. It aims to be a bathroom expert that knows the consumers best and provides overall space solutions for them to make their bathrooms more tidy, comfortable, artistic, and enjoyable. In the future, Monarch will stay true to its creative purpose to provide better products and services for domestic and foreign consumers, building a recognized national brand that delights consumers.

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  • Expert acrylic materials group

    Expert acrylic materials group

  • Expert ceramics group

    Expert ceramics group

  • Monarch postdoctoral position

    Monarch postdoctoral position