Service Policy



Warranty period


Full Warranty



Full Warranty


Bathroom cabinets

Full Warranty



Full Warranty


Shower rooms

Full Warranty


Bathroom mirror

Full Warranty (excl. electronic parts)




Time-delay valve, time-delay faucet

2 years

Toilet sensor

1 year

Faucet sensor

Sensor / Main body

1 year / 5 years

Smart toilet

5 years

Hand dryer, hair drier

1 year

Tube, angle valve

5 years

Note: The warranty period is the period that covers free repairs. Within the period, users do not need to pay any fees for repairs due to product quality, but for repairs due to other reasons a service charge is required (including visiting service fee, labor costs, and parts).

Charging standards during the warranty period

Labor cost for minor repairs

Provincial capitals and municipalities

RMB 80

Prefecture-level cities

RMB 60

County level and below

RMB 50

Minor repair services:

Toilets / Squatting pans (incl. smart products): replacement of hinge, hinged arm, button, seat ring, fitting, tank lid, filter flask, damper, flush motor, solenoid valve, and tee joint

Bathroom cabinets (mirrors): replacement of door panel, spring core, hinge, handle, towel bar, drainer, slide, cabinet leg, and mirror surface, glue sealing, and adjustments

Bathtubs: replacement of cold and hot water valves, diverter valve, drainer fitting, and hardware

Hardware: replacement of valve element, main part of shower, angle valve, diverter valve, handheld shower head, top rain shower head,

Shower rooms (sauna rooms): replacement of handles, pulleys, hooks, and waterproof sealant

Sensors: replacement of sensor window, battery, etc.

Labor cost for overhauls:

Provincial capitals and municipalities

RMB 100

Prefecture-level cities

RMB 80

County level and below

RMB 60

Overhaul services: 

Toilets / Squatting pans (incl. smart products): replacement of flush components, electric wires, electric power board, circuit board, middle shank, remote receiver, smart parts, and toilet body

Bathroom cabinets (mirrors): replacement of cabinet basin, marble surface, countertop, cabinet, mirror cabinet, under/above counter basin, and mirror frame

Bathtubs: replacement of drain, motor, and bathtub

Hardware: replacement of faucet, hanger, and shower

Shower rooms: replacement of section bar, stone foundation, glass door, and renovation


1. Users within 20 km (included) dont have to pay a visiting service fee; for distances beyond 20 km a RMB 1.5 per km fee (calculated per one-way distance) will be charged.

2. For one user requesting several repair services, labor costs will be charged only once as per the highest among all the services requested.

3. Monarch’s warranty period on its products is subject to the official Service Commitment of Monarch. 

4. Repairs due to reasons other than product quality will be charged as per the standard herein. 

5. Services not covered here shall be negotiated with users while the charging standard shall not exceed the industrial standard or that specified by the pricing authority. 

Service Notes:

1. No repair within the warranty period will be charged except for the following cases: 

--Faults or damages due to failure to follow the instructions or common sense,

--Faults or damages due to force majeure, including fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, and freezing weather,

--Faults or damages due to non-compliant use, such as misuse, negligence, or non-compliant maintenance and cleaning,

--Faults or damages due to careless handling, deliberate modification, or non-compliant repair,

--Faults or damages due to sediments or foreign elements in the water supply system, or

--Faults or damages due to non-compliant installation or use in a hostile operating environment. 

2. Outside the warranty period, parts and services will be charged. Regarding new parts changed outside of the original warranty period, a new warranty period of 6 months will be provided for electronic parts and 1 year for other parts. 

3. Monarch only provides a quality guarantee for original parts, and wont provide free repairs for any part privately installed or refitted by users or dealers or any fault caused as a result of such action.

4. The warranty period shall begin from the date on the invoice or receipt provided by the dealer upon purchase or the date on the electronic warranty card. 

About the warranty: 

1、“Outside the warranty means: 1. The period of free repairs guaranteed by Monarch has expired. 

2. The product is damaged due to improper use or from improper maintenance by the user.

3. The product is damaged due to force majeure

Outside the warranty charging standards: 

1. Services outside the warranty: Monarch service outlets provide after-sales repair and value-added services to users outside the warranty period or scope, e.g. cleaning out clogged drains and pipes.

2. Service charge outside the warranty = visiting service fee + labor cost + parts fee. Visiting service fee: one-way fare from a Monarch service outlet to the consumers house. Parts fee: cost of parts replaced during the repair shall not exceed Monarch’s standard prices.

3. Complaint hotline: 400-111-9001.

Code of conduct for after-sales service personnel:

1. Be polite, warm, and gentle. Never quarrel with customers.

2. Prepare shoe covers. Keep the toolkit clean and intact, with a complete set of tools arranged in order. 

3. Do not use anything belonging to the customer without permission (including phones).

4. Do not smoke, drink, eat, or lounge at the customers place. 

5. Clean up the site after finishing repairs.

6. Take away the waste or put it in the customers garbage can if permitted.

7. Show the customer a Price List of Monarch Parts or the Exploded Diagram of Monarch After-sales Services (including prices of parts). Do not charge any extra fees or take gifts from the customer.